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30 Second Commercials for the Board Games We Love

Retailers want to engage customers and interest them in the games they carry. Publishers want to highlight new games they have released and support the retailers who are so important in connecting them to gamers and buyers. FLGS-TV was created to help achieve both these goals. This network of formatted 30-second board game commercials provides a zero-cost way for retailers to excite their customers about new offerings. The looping stream of digital content is completely controlled by the individual store owner to highlight only the games they sell or plan to offer in their store. At the same time, publishers now have access to a low-cost, new way to help promote sales of their new games in stores across the country.

Many retailers have a TV monitor in their store or could easily acquire one to hook up to a computer. Our dedicated youtube network, FLGS-TV, has a steady stream of new and upcoming games, presented in tightly formatted, professionally produced commercials that present the compelling sales hook of the game with eye catching graphics and beauty shots of the game components. The videos have no sound, adding no looping ‘sound pollution’ to your store environment. Instead, the visuals and informative subtitles tell customers all they need to know to drive them to the shelf or to your counter to find out more.

Retailers simply build their own playlists of videos based on the games they stock, by toggling selections on and off. This list can be edited on the fly, based on current stock levels or in anticipation of new games coming to market. Retailers may choose to opt in for update emails (intervals of your choosing), which highlight all the new content available. So long as you have a monitor and access to the internet, there is absolutely no cost to the retailer.

This network is only as strong as your desire to populate it with a steady stream of new content. Knowing that promotional dollars are tight, FLGS-TV has created a streamlined production process to keep costs down. For as little as $250 you can have a professionally produced commercial available on the network, serving retailers everywhere. That is less than the cost of a banner ad.

FLGS-TV videos are formatted with enough flexibility to tell the story of your game, while maintaining the stylistic consistency of the network and controlling costs. The videos are digitally composed, rather than captured in live studio settings, for similar reasons, with a great degree of control and creative embellishment.

To assure a streamlined production process, we ask publishers to strictly adhere to the checklist of prepared resources (below). The more materials you can prepare to the exact specifications, the more inexpensive your video will be. We are happy to discuss and clarify everything upfront, help you plan and capture all the needed elements BEFORE production begins. Only by doing this can we assure the low cost of production. You know your game best, so help us present it in its best light.

Please view some of our previously produced videos to get a sense of the format to help you plan your own.
As a general rule, videos will open with your company logo and game box image (3d showing side panel if possible). Then, roughly 20 seconds (just a few shots) to tell gamers what makes your game special. There is no sound, so a few short bites of description that will appear as type on the screen, supported by images of your game. The video will end with another shot of the game cover, or game cover surrounded by the components.

Requirements for :30 Retail Commercial:

  • Think through and write the words that will accompany your images to tell the unique story of the game. Keep them short, as only a few words can appear on the screen at any time.
  • Be sure to mention all important images or concepts that need to be conveyed visually before the project starts.
  • If you have specific direction of how words and pictures could be combined to tell the story, you may submit a storyboard. Storyboard Videos, especially those requiring certain animation styles, will likely incur a $100 upcharge.
  • Publisher to provide all artwork as needed. This includes backgrounds, silhouetted characters or other elements, logos, cards, game boards, pieces, etc.
  • As game elements will be digitally composited, all elements need to be silhouetted (cut out), meaning no backgrounds or on a separate Photoshop layer. For example, if you want your cards to have rounded corners, the art provided should be silhouetted to show exactly what you want to appear on screen. If you do not have the ability to edit the images, we can do this for you, and will provide a quote for the additional time required.
  • All images saved as .png and sized 1920 x 1080 RGB
  • Company Logo: saved as .png and sized 1000 x 1000 to fit either height or width of the logo, centered in frame.
  • Any Fonts for consistency with box image or text on box if necessary.

Again, we are happy to review your copy and discuss the flow of the video with you beforehand. But production cannot begin until all resources have been collected and verified. Additional services, copy writing, additional editing or writing of a storyboard are available for $25 – $50.

Once the commercial is complete, it is available for the publisher to use in anyway they choose. You can put it on your website, on Amazon, BGG or any other site. If you would like additional editing, adding website text or music from a royalty free stock library added, we can do that as well. Please note we may charge extra based on the changes wanted.

Every effort is being taken to provide low, manageable costs under reasonable timelines. Program guidelines, costs and timelines are subject to change.

Attached to the email are examples of 30 Second Retail Commercials for your review.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here: Contact

This is an exciting new opportunity to help retailers and publishers create excitement and sell more games. We hope you share our enthusiasm and join FLGS-TV.