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30 Second Commercials for the Board Games We Love


Retailers want to engage customers and interest them in the games they carry. Publishers want to highlight new games they have released and support the retailers who are so important in connecting them to gamers and buyers. FLGS-TV was created to help achieve both these goals.

This network of formatted 30-second board game commercials provides a zero-cost way for retailers to excite their customers about new offerings. The looping stream of digital content is completely controlled by the individual store owner to highlight only the games they sell or plan to offer in their store.

How it Works:

Many retailers have a TV monitor in their store or could easily acquire one to hook up to a computer.The FLGS-TV network has a steady stream of new and upcoming games, presented in tightly formatted, professionally produced commercials that present the compelling sales hook of the game with eye catching graphics and beauty shots of the game components. The videos have no sound, adding no ‘sound pollution’ to your store environment. Instead, the visuals and informative subtitles tell customers all they need to know to drive them to the shelf or to your counter to find out more.

Retailers simply build their own playlists of videos based on the games they stock, by toggling selections on and off. This list can be edited on the fly, based on current stock levels or in anticipation of new games coming to market. 

We encourage retailers to opt in for update emails (at intervals of your choosing), which highlight all the new content available. So long as you have a monitor and access to the internet, there is absolutely no cost to the retailer.

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