FLGS-TV Publisher Demo

Thursday, May 11th ,2017

7:00pm CST

For Publishers Only!

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As a small publisher, I like this a lot. Nice work! - Brian Henk, Overworld Games

Super excited about my discussion with ClubFantasci about FLGS TV and what they can do to help us promote our games! - AJ Porfirio, Van Ryder Games

Some very interesting stuff coming down the pike. Some great exposure to our hobby. Check it out. - Kevin Burkhardsmeier, Board Game Theater

This looks very exciting! - Quiver Time

Here's What You'll Learn

How to Make the Most of FLGS-TV

FLGS-TV is much more than just :30 commercials!

How to Increase Your Branding

FLGS-TV is the perfect platform to increase your branding through many different media applications!

How to Increase Your Connection with Retailers

Connecting with retailers is the lifeblood of your business. FLGS-TV offers a platform to make that connection stronger than ever!

Professionalism Matters

Having consistent, professional media is paramount to increasing sales and branding.

Increase Your Reach

FLGS-TV has programs in place to increase your reach into new territory!

Professional Video Production

FLGS-TV has high-end video production capabilities that supports some of today's biggest entertainment stars!

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